Winding Down.

November 4, 2013 § Leave a comment


Things have been pretty hectic around here lately with winding down the old job, trying to prepare for what’s to come with the new position, and spending a little time with family and friends.  CJ has been on a reading kick lately and has earned a lot of Accelerated Reader points at school.  It’s so great to have a kid that actually enjoys reading.  No pushing or bribing is needed….and I’m so grateful for this.

I started the new job on Wednesday – which is an odd day to start – however, I had to give a full two weeks notice at my current company and the new company needs me just as fast as they can get me.  I would have loved a little time in between to mentally switch gears, but nothing I can do about it….so no sense in complaining about it.  I’m looking forward to the change and certainly working less hours.  Working a normal work week will seem like a part time job after the hours I was working previously.

I’m carving out some time this coming weekend for photography and I can’t wait.  Ideas have been on the back burner for a little bit, but I need to get back to it.  My soul is thirsty for some creativity.

However, for tonight, I’m going to make some dinner (spaghetti has been requested) and watch some more episodes of The Good Wife on Netflix (great show, if you haven’t seen it)!

Have a great week xx


Less is More.

October 14, 2013 § Leave a comment


This is from  I love Joshua Becker’s blog and try to take time to read a little bit every few days.  It helps keep me grounded and remember that while CJ and I may have a slightly unconventional way of thinking when it comes to material possessions, we are not alone.

*This is not my photo.


Imperfect Bliss.

October 1, 2013 § 2 Comments


It’s actually somewhat pleasant outside this evening…..with a little bit of a breeze and slightly lower humidity.  I headed out for a few minutes to watch CJ attempt to do cartwheels (in jeans, no less), which was quite entertaining….it made me think of those moments when I was a gymnast…spending hours and hours every week perfecting tricks and routines.  It’s a memory that hadn’t crossed my mind for many years, but yet there it was, and even with the brutal training, broken bones, pressure to stay thin, and bloody hands from hating to wear grips on the bars….I prefer to think of it fondly.

Nevertheless, whenever CJ asks me if she can take gymnastics class….my answer is always a swift and firm “no.”  I know what it’s like and I will not allow her to be subjected to everything that goes along with it.

But….this evening… the moment…. with her cartwheeling through the grass, I thoroughly enjoyed  the laughter that erupted when she couldn’t get it quite right.  The satisfaction on her face when she did better.  And the fact that she simply enjoyed my presence there, in the grass, along with her.

So cartwheel after cartwheel, gone are the days when they had to be perfect.

Now, the more imperfect, the better.

It’s more fun that way.

10.01.13 Laughter





September 30, 2013 § Leave a comment


I’m so anxious for the weather to cool off….but it will probably be at least another month or so.  We don’t get to enjoy four seasons in Florida, but when the oppressive heat finally gives way to crisper and cooler air, I become so happy.  I want to cook a lot, drink egg nog, and fill the house with the sweet scent of baked goodies.

Can’t wait….



If Only I Could See.

September 29, 2013 § 2 Comments


In an earlier post, I referenced someone from my past contacting me and this communication left me feeling conflicted, at best.  A kind reader here made the comment that “could be love, but that’s just an assumption”.  I didn’t have a comment then, but I will admit now, the assumption is correct.  The person that reached out to me is someone I loved very, very much a few years back.

I think I will always love him.  And it’s difficult for me to say that, because I put in so much effort to be “over” him, but have failed in that regard.  I know that now to be true…..even if I didn’t want to admit it to myself previously.  There is a part of me that evaporated when we split …..that part does not allow me to fully be open to love again.  The part that still aches for the bond that we shared….even through the arguing, misunderstandings, and heartache.

The communication continues.  I don’t know what will happen.  My mind says no, my heart says yes.  What is the point of even speaking?  I’ve asked myself this a million times in the last few days.  Compounding the communication in general is the fact that this man is working on the other side of the planet – literally – so all that is being expressed is done through email.  This might not be such a bad thing, after all, as it gives me a chance to think about what I’m saying.  Heaven knows, I don’t have much of a filter when speaking and if we were sitting across from each other, there’s no telling what words would fly out of my mouth.

So, I am not sure what to do.  If only I could see into the future, but I don’t have a crystal ball.  Something tells me his words are sincere.  There is no reason for him to be reaching out, otherwise.

I tread lightly.

We will see what happens….


September 25, 2013 § 2 Comments


Today, I heard from someone from my past.  Bittersweet is the only word I can think of to explain my feeling about this.

The chaos of work and the noise around me went silent.

I’m not sure what else I can say about this at the moment.  Time tells all.


September 22, 2013 § Leave a comment


Snapshot from my iPhone 5s while on our way home this morning

CJ and I went for a drive this morning….like we do sometimes on the weekends.  We go to Starbucks and she gets a decaf latte and I order my normal Caramel Macchiato.  We take off and chat and it gives us time…away from interruptions….to discuss what’s going on in both of our lives.  Those moments really mean so much to me and I think to her as well.  We’ll drive to wherever – the location isn’t important – and it’s great because everyone is sleeping….there’s no traffic….and it’s usually in that period where it’s starting to get light outside but the sun isn’t quite up yet.  So peaceful.  I know a lot of people would think we’re crazy for heading out so early on a Sunday, but we love it.

Today, I have to finish my continuing education credits for my insurance license.  It’s about as interesting as watching paint dry.  Blah.

Before I tackle that though….I’m about to make some omelets with fresh veggies and we’re going to juice some greens (so good for the body and soul!)

Here is a juicing recipe that we like.   It’s from Kris Carr’s website  – (I consider myself pretty fortunate that I have a child that will drink this!)

Serves 2

  • 2 large cucumbers (peeled if not organic)
  • Big fistful of kale
  • Big fistful of sweet pea sprouts
  • 4 – 5 stalks celery
  • 1 – 2 big broccoli stems
  • 1 pear or green apple (optional)
  • 1-inch piece of ginger (or less)

And off to the kitchen, I go…

Happy Sunday!

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