Imperfect Bliss.

October 1, 2013 § 2 Comments


It’s actually somewhat pleasant outside this evening…..with a little bit of a breeze and slightly lower humidity.  I headed out for a few minutes to watch CJ attempt to do cartwheels (in jeans, no less), which was quite entertaining….it made me think of those moments when I was a gymnast…spending hours and hours every week perfecting tricks and routines.  It’s a memory that hadn’t crossed my mind for many years, but yet there it was, and even with the brutal training, broken bones, pressure to stay thin, and bloody hands from hating to wear grips on the bars….I prefer to think of it fondly.

Nevertheless, whenever CJ asks me if she can take gymnastics class….my answer is always a swift and firm “no.”  I know what it’s like and I will not allow her to be subjected to everything that goes along with it.

But….this evening… the moment…. with her cartwheeling through the grass, I thoroughly enjoyed  the laughter that erupted when she couldn’t get it quite right.  The satisfaction on her face when she did better.  And the fact that she simply enjoyed my presence there, in the grass, along with her.

So cartwheel after cartwheel, gone are the days when they had to be perfect.

Now, the more imperfect, the better.

It’s more fun that way.

10.01.13 Laughter





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