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There is a site I stumbled across a while back and it’s called Becoming Minimalist.  While I’ve never been what I would call a materialistic person (although I do like nice things, who doesn’t?)…..the thoughts and ideas presented in the Becoming Minimalist blog resonated with me.  CJ and I have spent a lot of time sorting and getting rid of things – however, I have found that even once you’ve gone through everything….it is always a work in progress.  Clutter is my perpetual enemy.  I’ve been bad about pulling clothes out of my closet after purchasing new items.  I pick up a gossip magazine and next thing I know, we’ve accumulated superfluous and unnecessary reading materials (this type of stuff can be read online for free).  It’s a constant battle – especially with a pre-teen in the house.

So….in attempts to get back on track with this….I am spending my afternoon cleaning out my closet.  I need to make a better effort to eliminate the clutter.  We live in a small space and I’m beginning to feel claustrophobic.  We simply have too many things.

Some people might say….well, why not get a larger place?  My answer to that is…..we don’t need a larger place.  That means there is more to clean.  More electricity to use.  More to manage.  If it’s a house, there’s a lawn to mow (or the need to pay someone else to do it).  Less space -> Less things -> Less time maintaining  those things = More time for us.  That’s how we like it.

I wouldn’t say that we live a completely minimalist lifestyle (obviously, as noted above)….but it’s a mindset that appeals to me and I do believe that minimalism means different things to different people.  Some might think of a home that is very white and stark, someone else might feel like this means living an almost monk-like lifestyle…..but to me, it just means not living with things that we don’t need or truly enjoy.

Here are some photos of spaces that I love and they are minimalist (yet, still quite cozy)….

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So, the journey back to a more minimalist way of life starts now….

Happy Saturday!


(Photos from Pinterest)


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